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Office Name Plates

Furnish your office space with professional looking name plates for office from WOOPME

Looking for decent Office Name Plates online? WOOPME has got you covered. Choose from our selective range of Office Name Plates for all your office needs.

Allow others to identify the occupants of the office easily with name boards for office. Professionally designed office name boards can be made in acrylic, plastic, laminated or even wooden. To get your office name boards personalized or for bulk booking, contact WOOPME now.

What do Office Name Plates generally contain?

Your professional symbol

Based on the profession you are in, you can use the symbolic representation of your profession in your Office Name Plates. We have a set of default symbols. Incase you need a specific professional symbol to be added, we’ll get it printed for you. Apart from professional symbol, the workplace name boards can also have your company logo imprinted on them.

  • Professional Salutation
    Font size will be changed accordingly to fit your professional salutation i.e. Dr, Adv, etc.

  • Your name
    Professional fonts to express the professional you.
  • Your education (optional)
    Adding your educational background is an added merit to your nameplate. But if you feel it’s getting too crowded in there, then you can skip this one up.

Where do you need Office Name Plates?


Use appropriate Office Name Plates to define the kind of profession you are in. Your profession can be that of an advocate, doctor, architect etc. Give your customers a clear cut professional intro to yourself with customized Office Name Plates.

Conference rooms

For bigger offices, it is required to name your multiple conference rooms in order to let your employees identify them. For sliding conference room name plates, order with WOOPME today!

Cubicles and cabins

Having name plates for cubicles is a great way to make your employees feel special. In marketing, this is used as a strategy to make the employees feel belonged; which will help in increasing their productivity. Cubicles can also be numbered in order to give them an address for identification. For higher designation employees who have separate cabins, having professional Office Name Plates with their names can also be used to denote their authority and order of hierarchy in your office.

Table name plates

For places where you don’t have cubicles or cabins, wooden office name plate for tables/desks can be used to identify the person’s desk.

From helping spot the right member,
To giving your office cubicles a number,
Our office name plates are a work of splendor,
And you’ll find that WOOPME has no better contender.