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Wooden Name Plate

Custom name plates at affordable rates.
Customized Wooden Name Plates are a great choice for name boards. The rustic look of wood has always been a popular choice among people when it comes to choosing name boards. And, thanks to the invention of MDF, you can now have personalized wooden name boards that have a clean finish, are more moisture resistant, can be readily cut into any form you want, and can be engraved with any design you want using laser-cut technology.

WOOPME’s Wooden Name Plates can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor wooden name plates and boards:

When you are opting for a nameplate for outdoor purpose, the board will be exposed to different environmental condition and so it must be well-made to begin with, else it may lose its nature. There will be dust, direct sunlight exposure and rain, and the Wooden Name Plate must be able to withstand all these conditions. WOOPME house entrance name plates are all UV resistant and water resistant. When choosing an outdoor name plate, make sure to look for a product that is both sturdy and resistant to UV rays and moisture. Choosing surface polished name boards can make cleaning easier.

Name plates for house entrance

Fashionable, personalized, UV resistant Wooden Name Plate is an excellent way to welcome your guests. Rather than using the standard rectangle design for entrance name plates, why not experiment with different shapes that complement the front elevation you have chosen for your house?

Wooden Name Plate for shops

Own a rustic tea shop with interiors which resembles the old English country style pubs, adorned with beautiful wooden furniture? Then how about a rustic looking Wooden Name Plate for your shop entrance which gives a sneak peek into what your customers will find indoors? From rustic looking to clean, sleek MDF Wooden Name Plates, you can get them all in WOOPME. 

Indoor wooden name plates and boards:

Indoor Wooden Name Plates are a ground for creativity. From personalizing your kids rooms with personalized Wooden Name Plates to differentiating specific areas in a shop with custom wooden name boards, indoor Wooden Name Plates are a great tool to help people feel at home and comfortable.

Name plates for rooms

Make your kids feel special with customized Wooden Name Plate for their rooms. You can also choose to gift your special someone on a promotion by ordering personalized Wooden Name Plate with their new designation.

Indoor name plate for shops/offices

If you have multiple areas to be differentiated or rooms to be defined, indoor Wooden Name Plates can be used to identify each area/room separately.

Wooden Name Plate for main door

If you are living in flats or apartment, then you can even go for Wooden Name Plates which can be applied to the door. Living in a rented space? No worries. Hang them up or use self-adhesive wooden name plates. From hanging to sticking, choose what you like and adorn your main door with your family name and make it easy for your guests to identify them. 

WOOPME has a large collection of name boards and name plates for all indoor and outdoor needs. There’s a Wooden Name Plate for everyone. So don’t wait up.