Wooden Name Board

Woopme: Customised Modern Name Board For House Outdoor & Indoor Use (Wooden Brown, Gold)
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Rs. 459.00 Rs. 429.00
Why leave your guests confused, when our name boards can be used. 

Do you live in one of those apartments that house hundreds of families? Then you'll undoubtedly require a name plate for your home, and our Wooden Name Board is an excellent choice.

Wooden Name Board is a great way to welcome your guests. Be it with intricately carved handmade name boards in wooden or with laser cut acrylic name boards which give off a posh look they're sure to draw and wow your guests. Name boards are used for identification and save your guests time from searching your home.

Why use a Wooden Name Board for flats?

How many times have you stood in front of a door trying to figure out if you’re at the right house? How many times have you knocked and then realized that it’s the wrong one?

We’ve all atleast experienced this once in our life, when we were awakened from our sleep only to find that someone had knocked up on the wrong door. If you’ve not experienced this, then you were probably on the other side of the door. Oh how nice it would have been if only you had hung a Wooden Name Board with your name on it.

Wooden Name plates for flats come in handy in multi-storey buildings. Rather of having your guests hunt for your home number and question if they are in the right property, wouldn't it be nice to have a wooden name board hanging in the door with your name engraved and embossed on it? In a multi storey building, seeing your name on the entrance will bring a sense of relief on any of your guests.

And it’s not just for new guests, even an old guest or a regular visitor can get confused in multi storey and having a Wooden Name Board for your apartment would be beneficial. Since it gets really awkward when you knock on someone’s door and someone who’s not expecting anyone opens the door. And it’s even more embarrassing when it happens more than once. 

Why choose Wooden Name Board?

Though acrylic name boards are less expensive, there’s a charm to personalised Wooden Name Boards. These are especially good if you are a lover of all things made of wood and your interior is decorated with wooden furnishing.

Customized Wooden Name Board is a great option when you want to give a country look or you are going for something rustic.

They name plates can be either engraved or embossed. When it comes to wood, letters have always been engraved in case of Wooden Name Board. But with MDF boards and laser cut technology, even the type of fonts used can be chosen to your liking. Your names can also be embossed by cutting out your name in a different material and stuck on the board. The board can also be of specific shape according to your liking.

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